about me

hi, my name is Jenny Minney and i'm 23 years old. I graduated from Northeastern University in May 2023 with a combined Bachelor's degree in Architecture & Graphic Design and have since moved to new york city and am working in a marketing lead role and doing content creation on instagram, tiktok, youtube, and my podcast.

I crave creativity and constantly have new ideas. whether it was a disney princess coloring book at age 5, my school note book at age 8 or my journal now, I'm always putting out creative energy and new ideas into the world.

it's my goal to try every bagel and every almond croissant in new york city. i very often find myself most at home in coffeeshops, i love the sense of feeling connected to the people around me, yet can still be in my own world.

I have been sharing my journey with my mental health since May 2021 and it changed my life forever. deciding to put my own health & happiness first and truly commit to recovering from my eating disorder in January 2021 was the hardest and most rewarding decision of my life.

I want people to know they are never alone. after feeling alone and like I had no one to turn to for support, I want to be that support for others. I share my story, my struggles, my wins, and my journey to create a safe space. I love my corner of social media and the community that has been built, it's something that will forever make me smile.

sending love, jenny