My goal with this project, sol·us, was to empower those who feel they don’t have the power to do things alone. Maybe they lack self love or self confidence, but want to explore the world and experience it solo. Every single human deserves and is worthy of feeling self-fulfillment, but so many live without truly feeling secure in themselves.

Through this 3-part project of an app, journal, and a website, I hope to give everyone the means to begin empowering themselves, doing things without depending on the company of others, and holding themselves accountable to building trust and confidence from within.


My goal for the app was to make the act of solo dates and self care practices more accessible. Through this app the user could:

  • track the solo dates they go one

  • search new solo date ideas in their area

  • create and stay on track of their goals

  • write down thoughts and experiences in their digital journal to ensure they have access to that outlet on-the-go

With the natural and daily use of phones and technology today, an app would better enable this to become a daily practice.


Journaling has impacted me so much personally in my own mental health journey, so I knew a. physical journal would need to supplement the digital app. There is nothing that compares to the action of writing down, pen to paper, and releasing bottled up thoughts and emotions onto a physical page of a journal.

I designed two journals so the user could pick which spoke to them more:

A 52-week Journal & Planner and A 30-day Journal.

I truly believe that journaling enables growth in knowledge, self confidence, and ultimately empowerment to do things alone.


The final component of this project was a website to sum up the goals & objectives of this platform, be a means by which the app can be downloaded, and offer a bit more information on what sol·us is and what benefits it can bring to personal growth & self development.